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" In order for vaccines to be a conspiracy, the pharmaceutical companies would have to have bought off the governments of every country in which vaccines have been studied; every health agency of every one of those countries, both governmental and non-governmental; every employee of those agencies; and every independent scientist who has studied vaccines. That, by definition, is a conspiracy theory, and believing it does make one a crackpot." – Allison Hagood

Conspiracy theories cover all subjects and all topics, though most of them seem to devolve into arguments over politics, religion, and faith. That's because conspiracy theories are based upon FAITH far more than fact – and this includes the conspiracy theories that associate themselves with science. Two of the more persistent anti-scientific conspiracy theories are Creationism and anti-vaccination. Even in the 21st century, both of these subjects are receiving far more attention, media coverage, and celebrity endorsement than they deserve. What's more, the groups promoting these conspiracy theories are dangerous, because they are causing legitimate resources to be wasted by having to respond to these nutters, time and time again.

Creationism has its own page here at Cast Iron Chaos, but this page here is a focus on a truly sad and dangerous anti-scientific conspiracy theory: anti-vaccination. The dangers of this movement are not only social, due to the effect it has on genuine and legitimate scientific inquiry – but there is also a genuine physical danger to people here. The anti-vaccination movement uses every excuse, every crackpot theory, every scare story imaginable (true or false, especially false) to convince people not to be vaccinated. This is putting people's lives at risk – right now, in the 21st century, in the United States of America.

Here's an example of the hysteria promoted by the anti-vaccination crowd:

Message posted to the Facebook group Perplexed Patients of Unvaccinated Nurses, September 16, 2012 (name of author withheld): "14 years I was in health care working as an LNA. For 14 yrs I waived my the flu vaccination. Many of my residents and co-workers would get that flu vac and Ill be durn—-would get sick as hell after, very sick. One nursing home close by, 13 residents within 2 weeks passed away—all had just had their flu vac's. 13! Thats an alarming high number in my state for nursing homes to lose that many patients—all flu related but yet they had the flu vac and were all doing ok before the flu vaccination. I have never had the flu, nothing more than a common cold or head cold every now and then. Pumping foreign substances in your body can make you sick. Our bodies were not designed for chemical injections created by Pharmaceuticals or scientist. But of course we all know that Pharmaceuticals push the unneccesary vacs because it is a billion dollar money making business to helping in causing sicknesses and illnesses and diseases. and of course doctors collect nice little bonuses to push the agenda. I just cannot believe some still put all their faith in vac's and meds and our govt, pharmacueticals and FDA—- many love to be experiments for them and make them rich at the same time…..Insane…"
Let's consider this for a moment. That statement suggests that being vaccinated causes sickness. Now, how many flu vaccinations are administered to the general public every year? According to the CDC, as of Septembver of 2012, there had been about 72 million doses of flu vaccine distributed this year. [1] Now, let's put out a wild guess that 10% of flu vaccinations cause the flu. (I'm making this number up just as an example.) That would mean there were 7.2 million cases of the flu happening – as the poster stated, " sick as hell after, very sick," with an apparent high mortality rate. That means that based on this number of 10% infection, we've got maybe one half of that – 3.6 MILLION or so – people dying of influenza in 2012 alone. That is a staggering, vast, apocalyptic number of deaths! Yet…strangely…none of us have heard one peep from anyone, anywhere, of 3.6 million people dying from the flu or flu vaccinations in the year 2012. So, a simple question: where are these millions of deaths from vaccines?

The answer is, of course, that there are none. This is because the anti-vaccination movement isn't based on science. It's based on FAITH. "We BELIEVE vaccines are dangerous!" No amount of evidence will ever shake a belief based on faith. Just like Creationism and Holocaust denial, anti-vaccination activists willingly ignore and brush vast amounts of evidence and proof because they don't agree with it. That's faith.

Herd Immunity

This particular topic is worth consideration. There are always going to be a small percentage of people who cannot receive a vaccine for a legitimate medical reason (such as a transplant patient, someone who is immunocompromised, etc.). In addition, there are always going to be a small percentage of people who do not seroconvert (do not make antibodies) from the vaccine (or from the illnesses themselves). Therefore, the more people who are vaccinated in a population, the more EVERYONE is protected.

Using an exemption because "I heard vaccines are evil!" is called "hiding in the herd," and it's freeloading off society's existing vaccine rates. The problem with that is that thanks to the anti-vaccine lies, too few people who could be vaccinated are actually getting vaccinated.

Anti-Vaccination Sites

Conspiracy Theory Sites

Natural News is a biased and untrustworthy source because it promotes nothing but slanted conspiracy-theory stories that happen to make the news. For example: In early September of 2012, a major scientific study concluded that gingko has no effect at all in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. This was reported in many medical news sites (,0,549611,full.story ). There has been no mention of this at all, none, on Natural News. That's how it is with Natural News and its coverage of vaccines: nothing positive about vaccines will ever be published there, including links to news stories. The only news about vaccines that you will ever see on Natural News will be negative stories, no matter how obscure or quack-related the source.

Vaccines Are Evil And Dangerous! Really!