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419 Eater

Several times a day (at least), you receive a stupid idiotic dumbass spam email that goes something like this:

 Dear Sir,
 I write to inform you of my desire to acquire estates 
 or landed properties in your country on behalf of the 
 Director of Contracts and Finance Allocations of the 
 Federal Ministry of Works and Housing in Nigeria.
 ...For this, you shall be
 considered to have executed a contract for the Federal
 Ministry of Works and Housing in Nigeria for which
 payment should be effected to you by the Ministry, The
 contract sum of which shall run into US$26.4 Million, 
 of which your share shall be 30% if you agree to be
 our overseas agent.

It's amazing how many hundreds of millions of dollars there are lying around in Nigeria, just waiting to be "deposited" here in the good ol' U.S. of A! Of course this is a stupid rip-off...and yet, there are still people who fall for this stupid scam, every single day! A recent report said that the Nigerian scam (also known as the "419 advance fee fraud") is the #3 source of income for Nigeria, with oil revenue being #1. What dumbasses!

Fortunately, there is a group of hardy, noble souls who've taken up the game of scamming the scammers! The 419 Eater site is a gut-bustingly hilarious look at their heroic efforts to waste the time, efforts, and (sometimes) money of the scammers. It turns out that those idiots are just as stupid and greedy as the people they're scamming, if not more so. Take a look as the heroes of 419 Eater get these morons to send pictures of themselves in asinine poses, and making complete and utter fools of themselves.

(What's more, a number of SubGenii are also there on 419 Eater, doing their part for "Bob." These SubGenii prefer to keep their names anonymous, however, so that they won't be identified by the 419 gangs.)

Here's a simple way for you to use your PC to help smash fraudsters (often folks related to our favorite 419 scamming idiots from Nigeria):

"Similar in scope to the (now defunct) screensaver created by Lycos that targeted spam sites, the newly-released Mugu Marauder is intended to take fraudulent bank sites off the air by sponging up their bandwidth. It's currently only available for Windows, though a Linux port is allegedly in the works."