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Many people wouldn't think that wholesome, family-friendly McDonald's is actually one of the insidious minions of the Conspiracy, ranking right up there with Disney. McDonald's spends billions of dollars to promote its image and put the Golden Arches all over the world, from New York to Moscow to Singapore and everywhere in between. When a corporation gets that big and powerful, it gets egotistical…so that when a fellow in England made fun of McDonald's lousy environmental record and began the Grease campaign, they sicced their lawyers on him and came down fast. But McDonald's didn't anticipate the Internet. Things quickly spun out of control, and the result was the McLibel trial, which is one of the biggest news stories in England…yet strangely, barely a peep of this is reaching the shores of America (home of McDonald's). The McSpotlight keeps track of the many blunders committed by McDonald's, including their claim that Ronald McDonald the clown isn't intended to sell food to children…"he merely promotes the McDonald's experience."