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Robin Hood Fund

One of the most popular online "social networking" sites is Digg, the news site that invites its members to post links to the latest breaking news (and blog post) links of all sorts. Digg has thousands of users, and its success has inspired a number of imitators. Even Netscape adopted a Digg-style news service, as have such various sites as the Care2 news site (which is overloaded with animal rights and tree-hugging news stories), and several Digg clones that focus on porn.

This is where the Robin Hood Fund comes in. A small software company called Cambrian House got the idea of getting Internet users to donate cash (and gifts) to its own donation fund. People sign into the site and post their "wishes," ranging from donations of office supplies to requests for financial assistance; and the site's users vote on the most worthy and popular "wish" requests. There's also a page of granted wishes, where you can see the donations made by this site…ranging from sponsoring a trip to Mozambique to build an orphanage, to paying for a couple's washer and dryer or donating an Xbox game system.