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Citizens Commission on Human Rights

If you're through laughing at the official Scientology Web site, get a load of this one: the home page of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, one of the organization's most infamous front groups. This group (abbreviated as CCHR) was created to wage endless war against the professions of psychiatry and psychology, because Scientology sees these fields as competition and (more importantly) enemies. Now, psychology and psychiatry are very inexact sciences and there is much about them that can be criticized, but the obsessive way in which Scientology attacks them are nothing short of ludicrous. (Hubbard always referred to the two fields of mental health side by side as "psychiatry and psychology" – apparently he was never willing to admit there's a difference between the two.)

The CCHR give free reign to L. Ron Hubbard's obsessive hatred of psychiatry. Hubbard honestly believed that a conspiracy of psychologists and psychiatrists has been responsible for every human malady and injustice ever committed, and the CCHR is the best look into his mind that you could hope for. The Web site begins with this announcement: The following documented information is a no-holds-barred and, at times, sickening expos̩ of the single, most destructive influence in the world today. According to CCHR, psychiatry and psychology (collectively termed "psychs") are the cause of ALL РI repeat, ALL Рevil in the world today. World War II? The psychs started it. The Holocaust? The psychs did it. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks? The psychs, of course. Rampant worldwide drug abuse? Psychs.

The twisted, maniacally hate-ridden ranting of Scientology is revealed when you look at the CCHR's publications, with titles that absolutely must be seen to be believed:

Does this sound like an unbiased, accurate portrayal of the psychiatric profession?

What kind of information do you think you may get if you ask Scientology for information about psychiatric medications such as Ritalin?

Actually, CCHR has waged some high-profile campaigns against big pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly, spending millions of dollars over the years to take out full page ads in USA Today and other publications. If a big media story involving a drug-related death shows up – especially one involving psychiatric medications – it's a certainty that CCHR will show up to denounce the psychs as the ruthless, soulless murderers they are. CCHR is responsible for creating the legal tactic known as the "Prozac Defense," which several convicted killers have tried to use: when they committed their crimes, they were under the influence of "psych drugs." Unfortunately, there has never been a court case in which the defendant actually was acquitted by use of the Prozac Defense.

In other words, this stuff is even funnier than the official Scientology crap. A well-deserved place in any list of kooks belongs to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights!

See also: Psychiatry - An Industry of Death. If CCHR isn't enough to blow your mind, take a jaunt over to Hollywood, California and see their very own museum dedicated to exposing the evils of psychiatry!
See also also: the Mission Earth science fiction "dekalogy." Hubbard's final literary masterwork was a sprawling ten-volume epic fictional "satire," in which Hubbard revealed his vision of how the world works: a world in which a massice corporate conspiracy keeps Earth's population under control through the use of drugs and rock music, while "psychiatry and psychology" (those two terms are always used together, as Hubbard refused to admit there was a difference between the two) are the secret weapons used to lobotomize anyone who dares to express independence.
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