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Operation Clambake

If you must visit only one Web site to learn about Scientology, this is the one. The webmaster of Operation Clambake, Andreas Heldal-Lund, appeared on alt.religion.scientology from out of nowhere in 1996, at the height of the online war over the distribution of the secret "upper level" writings of Scientology over the Internet. He had read about Scientology and wanted to take part in the exposure of the organization, but no one had heard of him before and he had no personal relationships with any of the major players in the organizations battles at that time, either online and offline. But since its inception, Operation Clambake has been unsurpassed in its efforts to present the truth to about Scientology to the world. This Web site has been repeatedly referenced by newspapers, magazines, and TV shows, and Andreas has repeatedly thumbed his nose at Scientology. His guest book is especially interesting: He invites everyone to write their comments on his site, and he has been praised by critics and Free Zoners alike. Andreas has been subject to numerous legal threats from Scientology over the years, and the organization has tried repeatedly to have his Web site shut down…but Andreas keeps on going. It's a mystery why he hasn't been sued yet, though in late 2000 he announced that Scientology had indeed begun a "noisy investigation" of him, in attempt to discover his "crimes" and expose them. His Web site is still active as of this writing.