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Religious Freedom Watch

The Church of Scientology proclaims that it is an innocent "religion" engaged in a battle against a massive conspiracy of psychiatrists, psychologists, and deprogrammers. Critics of Scientology accuse the organization of being a dangerous, hateful cult that will stoop to any level to attack its enemies. The vindictive, spiteful nature of Scientology is best revealed by looking at the many policies invented by L. Ron Hubbard for attacking his enemies. The methods used by Scientology ("Fair Game," "Expose hidden crimes" ) are legendary, and they are amply revealed at many different sites on the Web. (The Web site Operation Clambake is one of the best sites on the Web to view the true nature of Scientology.)

Very few Scientology-affiliated Web sites beside this one offer information other than links to the official Scientology site; though, on the other hand, there are no links from the official Scientology sites to this one, either. This Web site is promoted regularly on alt.religion.scientology by various pro-Scientology posters, and they are certainly worthwhile reading for anyone interested in learning the views and opinions of Scientology towards its critics and perceived enemies. The pages here never mentions a direct connection to Scientology (so that Scientology spokes-goons can officially deny it), but the only people mentioned on their list of "anti-religious bigots" are participants in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. This Web site has been carefully edited so that it makes a number of vicious personal attacks on a number of critics of the Scientology, falling just short of libel. It uses all the dirty tricks at its disposal to portray its targets as "hatemongers," "criminals," "bigots," and other friendly terms. The site makes a point of using the worst quality photos in existence, to make every one of Scientology's "enemies" look ugly or slovenly or "criminal." It makes liberal use of "anonymous" (or invented) hateful quotes, comparisons with Nazis (Godwin's Law alert!), and other low blows.

Who is responsible for this site? As noted by Dr. David Touretzky of Carnegie-Mellon University: "Joel Phillips is the Scientology public who serves as front man/cut-out. His name is on the domain registration, but he's a clueless dolt who has nothing to do with the site's content." (posted to alt.religion.scientology on January 26, 2006)

Feel free to browse this site, and notice how the the site claims that there is an "organization behind ARS" – in other words, a vast conspiracy!

Meanwhile, one Web site is using the scare tactics of the Religious Freedom Watch against them. This opposing Web site calls itself the Religious Freedom Watch Watch. In January of 2006, another "sister" site to Religious Freedom Watch was founded, providing links to the home pages of many Scientology critics: