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DJ Shaver

Members of the Church of the SubGenius are known for their explorations into the world of bulldada music…but if there is one person responsible for more strange and unusual musical finds, that person would be the amazing DJ Shaver. He's a professional DJ working in Massachusetts, finding work in the manner of most disc jockeys. This means that most of his gigs are weddings, parties, catered events, business gatherings, and the like. Most of the music he plays at these sites are your usual boring, predictable, I've-heard-it-a-thousand-times-before songs that we all know. But little do the Pinks paying him good money know that Shaver has the greatest bulldada music collection in this or any other Universe!

When Little Fyodor graced us with his presence at X-Day in 1999, DJ Shaver was the one who knew what to expect…for he already knew of Fyodor's twisted, epileptic rhythms. The music Shaver has unleashed upon the unknowing audiences at X-Day have left us all aghast – songs ranging from a lounge music cover of The Doors' "The End," an obscure science fiction anthem called "The Screaming Meemies from Planet X" (sung by none other than Merv Griffin!), ridiculous Christian songs like "When Mister Satan Knocks," and a phantasmagoria of other songs that must be heard to be believed.

(I am waiting for his upcoming CD, The Worst Of DJ Shaver, with baited breath!)

Shaver was also the mastermind behind Or Kill Me Radio, the underground radio station that he selfelessly ran at Brushwood from 1997 through 2003. He kept the station going long after it had been abandoned by its other remaining members, but in 2004 Shaver finally repented, quit, and Slacked Off to grace us all with his presence.

If you have the good fortune to attend one of Shaver's DJ appearances, do him a favor and request the strangest, most bizarre song you can think of. He'll thank you for it…and he'll probably have it right there to play for you!