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Talk about Reverend Magdalen

First, I feel obligated to tell you that Judge Punch and Judge Adams exchange cases frequently. While Judge Punch may ber the worse of the two, Judge Adams is not as calm, fair, and impartial as he is leading you to believe. Remember, he is on guard with this case because he already knows that bad publicity will follow any bad behaviour. I do wish you the best, but my gut tells me that Judge Adams does not want to return Kohl to Rachel since it will only compund the issues his friend and colleague is facing. Hence, he is allowing this fiasco to continue. If he finds against Rachel, the outrageous behavior of Punch is ignorable. (From personal experience, this man's behaviorfar exceeds simply outrageous)It will simply be said that it was not religion, but some other reason that justified taking Kohl away. And the decision is affirmed by Adams. I hate sounding cynical, but I have seen these people at work. My hopes are with Rachel and her son.

– kskibler 2006-08-09 15:34

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