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The Wild Hunt

Jason Pitzl-Waters manages this news-and-commentary blog, which focuses on one, two, or sometimes three subjects per day specifically geared towards paganism. In a manner much like Bartholomew's Notes on Religion, Jason examines the latest media stories that deal with paganism, "witchcraft," and (some) New Age topics, offering his own opinionated commentary. He points out the ongoing bias against paganism in most mainstream media (especially large newspapers and magazines), where paganism is still equated with "psychic" nonsense and cults. While some of that is true (the overlapping borders can get very fuzzy, sometimes), Jason's research and examination of the news reveals a lot more simmering beneath the surface than you'll ever find on CNN or NPR. Blogs like this are proof that "blog journalism" is every bit the equal of old-time mass media journalism.

The Wild Hunt earns special praise here for having provided the most regular and accurate coverage of Reverend Magdalen's legal battles outside the Church of the SubGenius itself.