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What do you get when you combine furry fandom, superheroes, and some of the most hilarious trope-skewering and absurdism you can imagine? You'd probably get something like Supermegatopia, the brainchild of Stuart and Brian Burke (AKA The Brothers Grinn). Join Weasel Boy and the Mighty Yak, along with heroes like Buxom Gal, Hyper Hippo, She-Male, the Men-Men, and more as they daily do battle with such villains as Dark Iguana, Brute Force, Herr Skull-For-A-Head, and Avatar. (Don't forget Dark Plush, the evil and perverted Care Bear!)

And if fantasy is more your thing, check out Supermegatopia's sister comic on the same site, "Crushed: The Doomed Kitty Adventures", chronicling the misadventures of four heroines (Crushed, the luckless fighter; "Red" Stephie, the rotund, happy-go-lucky sorceress; Knaw, the diminutive and sarcastic rogue; and Purity, the straight-laced priestess) in the world of Char-Mon, where death is just a slight set-back to adventurers.

It doesn't hurt that the Brothers Grin have an unabashed breast fixation. Many of the pictures on this site could be rated "R" for nudity, but it's mostly topless plump furry girls. Those who are seeking somewhat harder-core porn and smut (but still light-hearted and fun!) should go to the "naughty" Supermegatopia site, SMT Blue.