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FSK's Guide to Reality

Most people don't understand the importance of a corrupt monetary system, corrupt taxation system, and political system.

But the guy running this blog and discussion forum does. "FSK" warns us all that income taxes convert everyone into government slaves. All forms of taxation are theft.

Do you have the right to steal from me? No? If no, then how can you delegate your right to steal to other people, by voting?

As the argument goes, the Federal Reserve is a corrupt monetary system. Banks and large corporations receive a massive government subsidy due to negative real interest rates. The average person loses his savings to inflation. Debt-based money ensures that everyone is forever enslaved under a crushing debt burden.

And of course, the mainstream media is completely and totally corrupt. It isn't going to be possible to reform the current system by voting. It's time to start working on the next economic and political system.

After careful consideration, FSK came to the conclusion that agorism is the only morally defensible philosophy. People should set up their own private monetary system and political system. People should do useful work without reporting it for taxation and confiscation. All other forms of political protest are pointless. (He's got a point there.)

Look at the "Best of FSK" posts for further details.