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Sinister Cat

There's no doubt that the world has experienced a long and bloody history of feline homicide -- it's a well known fact that the word "felony" derives from the word "feline," in fact. And most of us have faced seriously deranged cats at least once in our lives, cats that have tried to kill us, either because their supper dish was empty, their water bowl had a dead cockroach in it, or you accidentally stepped on their tail, something a cat never forgets, leave alone forgives!

Most people when faced with a cat they knew is trying to kill them will just eliminate it before it can eliminate them, burying the damn thing in a hole in the back yard and it's End of Problem!

But what about those among us who have spouses who love the damn thing and won't let you plant it? What about us? What can we do?

Some good, useful suggestions:

1) Make it look like a suicide

2) "Accidentally" drive it to the city dump

3) Adopt a large, hungry dog

4) Pay a neighborhood kid to kidnap and "disappear" it