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In this day and age, when President Dubya is determined to shatter the barrier between Church and State and introduce Bible-based "values" into every aspect of our society, some self-proclaimed pagans have decided they're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. What can they do in this modern era of "persecution?" Why, they can unite and found their own political caucus!

Hence, the Pagan Unity Campaign! The major project of this movement (so far) has been a campaign for "pagans" to fill out and send pre-printed postcards to their Congressmen saying "I am pagan and I vote." Evidently they think there's enough of a "pagan" voter bloc out there that their Congressmen will actually pay attention instead of throwing the postcards in the trash. On the pagan mailing lists and blogs, PUC seems to be a yearly plague: as the spring turns into the summer, many mailing lists and blogs get PUC spam encouraging them to "unite" and make their voices heard.

However, there seems to be a lot of controversy over who in PUC is "pagan" and who "isn't." For instance, a number of PUC people don't want self-proclaimed Satanists to associate themselves with PUC, because they're afraid the PR will be used against them. ("Evil pagans and Satanists!" )

A lot of pagans think PUC is just a waste of time. More importantly, they point out a couple of major flaws in the whole idea behind this campaign: 1) Many pagans don't want to be in the spotlight, as they prefer to keep a low profile; and 2) Not all pagans vote the same way.