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The Skeleton Closet


It is a simple fact that the government of the United States of America is controlled by a political monopoly: the Demopublican Ruling Party. This ruling party is split into two factions, the Democrats and the Republicans, and they spend 90% of all their time in Washington bickering over what is the best step to take to get themselves re-elected. Period. There are only three things that matter to politicians: Getting re-elected, getting re-elected, and getting re-elected. And politicians will do anything to smear their rivals and make it seem as if their opponents are even dirtier than they are. This is why I don't trust either the Democratic or the Republican parties – they're both hopelessly corrupted by the Conspiracy, and nothing short of a major natural disaster or nuclear war will change this in the immediate future. That's why the Skeleton Closet Web site is probably the best source of information you can find on the Net for dirty politics: it tracks down the dirt on everyone in the political spotlight, Republicans and Democrats both. (I have little respect for the Libertarian party, because every year they do nothing but whine about how they've been "left out" of the elections.)