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Foundation of Human Understanding

Roy Masters is best known as one of the most controversial (as in "beyond Pluto, man!") religious radio talk show nuts out there. He's been on the radio since the 1960s, preaching that people are hypnotized by evil outside forces, including sex, sports, eating, politics, religion, and most of our day-to-day relationships. In essence, we have lost the way of purity that we once had in the Garden of Eden…though by following his teachings, we can regain that Utopian state.

Masters' organization, the Foundation of Human Understanding, promotes his meditation program as a way to achieve a higher consciousness. Also, incidentally, you might find yourself physically more healthy as a result…though they are careful not to promote any actual "medical" benefits to avoid being accused of medical fraud. (The group has suggested that his meditation program cured AIDS patients in South Africa, however.) You can read Masters' own statement of belief on the group's Web site.

The FHU (which has been incorporated as a religious non-profit organization since 1990) runs its own "advice" hotline (1-800-866-8883), and they also host self-improvement seminars with such titles as "How Not To Die Between Doctor Visits." It only costs $3,000 to $5,000 to attend - what a bargain!

(Wouldn't it be proper grammar for this group to call itself the Foundation for Human Understanding? Technically, the term "Foundation of Human Understanding" implies that it is the actual source or founding point of human knowledge, and all the rest of the world therefore is NOT.)

It's worth noting that Roy Masters also owns and operates the Talk Radio Network, the radio syndication network responsible for such on-air personalities as Michael Savage, Tammy Bruce, Erich "Mancow" Mueller…and Roy Masters himself. This group sued a number of Web sites that criticized Savage and called for a boycott of his sponsors…but they lost those lawsuits, and Savage's critics remain active.

In April of 2006, an interesting connection between Worldnet Daily and the Foundation of Human Understanding was revealed, suggesting that these guys may actually be influencing the "news" stories being streamed into the RSS newsfeeds. See also: The Masters of Worldnet Daily