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Natural Cures

One of the most prominent names on late-night informercial TV these days is Kevin Trudeau, the smiling salesman who's out to sell you his treatment program beginning with the book Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You To Know About. In his fast-paced TV program, Trudeau claims that his heart condition was cured by "a procedure which was performed in Mexico because it was banned in the United States." He then goes on to tell us about the many crippling and deadly medical problems ranging from cancer, attention deficit disorder, and arthritis through acid reflux disease and herpes that can be (allegedly) cured through simple natural therapies…but we'll supposedly never hear about this from our doctors. That's because our doctors are part of the evil worldwide conspiracy by the established medical establishment! Yes, the FDA, the FTC, the pharmaceutical inndustry, the psychiatric profession, the Secret Masters of Fandom, and everyone else are all out to increase their profits by selling you incredibly expensive techniques…until now! The great Kevin Trudeau is here to sell you the TRUTH!

Strangely enough, Trudeau seems to have an interesting definition of "truth," because his book seems to be lacking in details for exactly how you can cure yourself of these dangerous maladies. It's almost as though Trudeau might be another snake-oil salesman looking to cash in on fear and paranoia and outrage over the skyrocketing cost of medical treatments. (If you bought his "Memory Power" kit from one of his earlier infomercials, you might remember his shucking that boner on us; or his previous health aid "Coral Calcium.") But nah…that can't be! Obviously he's just a selfless, altruistic person out to save the world from the evil medical industry conspiracy! Right?

Interestingly enough, the FTC ban on Trudeau's infomercials appears to block him from selling just about everything under the sun, except books. So surprise, surprise! Here he is, trying to sell you a book! That also explains why his "Natural Cures" web site will sell you a book ($29.95), a CD collection (11 hours - $39.95), a newsletter ($71.40, billed annually), and a "Lifetime Membership." The Lifetime Membership is apparently where all the great natural secrets reside, and the book is just a plug for the web site membership. The Lifetime Membership costs $499.00.

Take a look at the reviews of the book for an interesting experience – there are hundreds and hundreds of them. Also worth reading is a Scientific American article by Michael Shermer, published in 2006 and entitled "Natural scams "he" doesn't want you to know about."

See also: An Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Informercial by Dr. Stephen Barrett of QuackWatch