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"PSIPOG" is an acrynom for Psychic Students In Pursuit Of Guidance. The "in pursuit of guidance" part reflects this site's attempt to appeal to younger, more impressionable persons who believe they might be psychic…but who don't want to take the usual New Age or Wiccan route of most of these self-proclaimed "psychics." This group approaches psychic ability as a genuine science, and attempts to map out the most common psychic abilities (or at least claimed psychic abilities) with "manuals" and "guidebooks." All of the usual suspects are here – telepathy, defense from psychic attacks, out of body experiences, and so forth. These guys do ask for donations, but at least they don't sell any rip-off "courses" or "seminars."

The big subject in this community involves the creation of "psiballs:" balls of psychic energy that are sometimes so well-developed, they can be seen by the naked eye. What's more, they can even be photographed! There's a media section to this site with lots of videos of geniune examples of telekinesis and psiballs. Of course, it's all entirely real, just like all of those other sites there with genuine proof of psychic abilities.

Unlike many sites, this one encourages its users to weed out the "bullshit" from the so-called "geniune" articles. Their message boards are moderated to keep out trolls and kooks, though they also have a IRC chat connection that is not moderated. (The chat room appeals more to the younger users on the site.)

(However, in spite of their noble intentions, the folks on this site still run into trouble when dealing with hardcore skeptics. This message thread on the Skeptic Friends Network shows one of them being torn a new one.)