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The Cure Zone

Scumbags like this are what makes me lose faith in humanity and morals. These cranks aren't even exceptional in the world of scam artists; rather, this is just one site of many that puts on a "professional"-looking facade, with no real purpose other than to bilk you out of your money. You need proof? Just look at this site, which offers bogus "cures" for everything from cancer to HIV. Here's what they have to say about AIDS: "AIDS is truly an iatrogenic disaster of the primary magnitude. By ‘iatrogenic’, we mean that clinical AIDS is a syndrome that is primarily being caused in the Western World now by doctors and their medicine." Wow, invent a mysterious, important-sounding 'medical term' to promote your paranoia! The founder of this site boasts of his crank degrees from such diploma mills as "the School of Natural Healing", and he proudly warns you not to eat such dangerous, "toxin"-laced foods as magarine, sugar, honey, chocolate, table salt, chlorinated water…and the saddest part of all is knowing that there are people who will gladly fork over their life savings to slime like this, in the belief that they will get miracle cures for ailments that will probably leave them maimed for life, if not dead. (For a dose of sanity, check out the Junk Science site for the skeptical point of view.)