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Uri Geller


Despite his losses, Uri Geller is still pressing on. He's still offering his services to the world as a "psychic consultant," someone who can locate rare minerals for mining companies and offer accurate business predictions for companies. His home page is one of the most egotistical sites on the Net -- which makes it a barrel of laughs. Back in 1996, he had a spoon on display over an Internet camera, and he offered a big reward to anyone who could bend that spoon and participate in "further experiments" with him. Needless to say, the spoon never bent. One morning, out of curiosity, I posted a brief comment on his message board saying, "Just wondering if you've finally agreed to take part in James Randi's $1 million challenge! :D" A couple of hours later, I checked back...only to find that I've been banned from the message board! Wow! What a surprise!