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When the Landover Baptist Church appeared on the Internet, it ticked off a great many religious nut cases – because it gave such a dead-on parody of their lunacy, many of them thought it was serious and not a deliberate spoof. Recently, in 2009 and 2010, we've seen the emergence of a "Christian news service" that may be even more accurate and barbed than Landover Baptist – Christwire! Its logo proudly proclaims it as providing "conservative values for an unsaved world." In these days when "conservatism" in American politics has largely been subsumed and assimilated by hardcore religious leaders who insist on "returning" the United States to its original status as a "Christian nation" (which we never were), Christwire's "news" stories are so subtle in their satire, they keep being taken seriously by amateur and professional news pundits alike. The key here is that they take oddball news stories and put a subtle twist on them – a very subtle twist.

Examples include:

The funny (and scary) part is that in the modern-day United States, there are many people out there who really think this way. That's why Christwire is being taken seriously, even to the point where its stories keep showing up on Digg and Fark, while frequently being compared to real lunatic religious news services such as Worldnet Daily.