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The Trinity Broadcasting Network (not to be confused with the Trinity Foundation, who are the good guys) are pretty much the biggest televangelist network out there. They've got loads of these huckster swine. Paul Crouch is pretty much their head honcho, but they've got all sorts of folks… Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton, pretty much everyone except for Dr. Gene Scott. And the children's shows… whoo, boy, the Children's shows…

The hot air and lies of the televangelists permeate everything on TBN: the channel claims it has "hundreds" of affiliates nationwide, though the vast majority of them are independent low-power broadcasters who only have a signal range of several miles. Competition from Pat Robertson's network, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), constantly keeps these folks on their toes – especially since Robertson has a lot more political clout, and somewhat more money, than everyone at TBN combined! Paul Crouch is constantly working to expand TBN's reach, especially in the wake of the infamous power struggle between him and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker over control of the network. This led to the Bakkers leaving and forming the infamous PTL ( "Pass The Loot" ) Network.