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Encyclopedia Dramatica

Here's another wiki where people post blatant lies about the subjects profiled there. There's another wiki out there called Uncyclopedia that does the same thing, but Encyclopedia Dramatica has become quite popular in its own right, because it especially encourages people to make fun of other people or groups. For instance, there's a wacko named Robin Artisson who's known as the pagan equivalent of Sollog (and if you don't know who Sollog is, you're missing out on your kook lessons) – over the years, he has spammed, flooded, and sock-puppeted just about every pagan-oriented mailing list, discussion group, blog community, and newsgroup in existence with his self-promotions. (And that's a LOT of bases to cover.) He's been booted, banned, and kicked out of just about every pagan-oriented area on the net. The pagans pissed off at him built a page about him at Encyclopedia Dramatica:

(Note that they don't use his real name, so as to avoid libel actions against the wiki.)