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Faye Kane

What can you say about a certified genius who chooses to live in a hole in the middle of the woods, homeless and loving it, and naked about 95% of the time? Faye Kane is the real thing, folks – she's not an imaginary character made up to troll unsuspecting Internet users. I "friended" her on MySpace a few years ago, after coming across a review she wrote of Leonard Wheat's Kubrick's 2001: A Triple Allegory – possibly the worst published essay ever written on 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Her comments on the book were short, sweet, and accurate, though her Amazon profile emphasizing her homelessness intrigued me. I sent her an email asking if she could send me a copy of her original review, which Amazon had been rejected. Her reply stated that she didn't have her original writing, as she had discarded it.

But the brief email exchange we had about 2001 doesn't even scratch the surface of her true mutanthood. All I can say is that she's living the life she wants to live, which is more than 95% of the population of this planet can say! And if your choice of a life involves spending your time reading and writing about advanced particle physics, and masturbating or finding the occasional sex partner, then that's your choice and I'm not going to suggest otherwise.

(And no, I've never tried to find out where she lives.)