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Robin Artisson

According to "rumor," this guy known as "the self-proclaimed Authority on Traditional Witchcraft" has been booted out of every pagan coven imaginable – especially Gardnerian covens. (The ongoing arguments within paganism over "Gardnerian" paganism vs. "traditional" paganism has reached the status of a holy war on some discussion groups, these days.) The various pagan mailing lists, Yahoo groups, and other fora are all too familiar with him, and he ranks among pagans as Sollog does among so-called psychics and prophets. Folks who've dealt with him have reported his as using about "fifty aliases" and sock puppets galore. These days, he's become so bored with Yahoo Groups, he's working on LiveJournal communities now. (Like many egoists, he tried to create his own entry on Wikipedia, but was swiftly booted off for his behavior and his use of sock puppets. He then went over to a different wiki, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and found his vanity page was swiftly changed into an anti-Robin Artisson page.)

Artisson has just published his pagan manifesto – a five hundred page rant about paganism that's a sure sign of his sense of self-importance. It was originally published through CafePress, presumably because no publisher would pay him to publish a giant book like this. However, Artisson has recently switched over to a different vanity publisher called Lulu Press, because (he claims) this site allows him to format the book in a fashion closer to his actual vision for it. (Evidently he doesn't believe in the concept of "editors.") Publishing in Lulu Press allowed him to get his book into's listings, and the book has promptly been given glowing reviews by the members of his Yahoo group.

He has also recently begun his own wiki – like so many others, a Wikipedia clone running on MediaWiki software. Funny, I can't picture him to be dedicated enough to host his own wiki, which means this site is probably hosted on Wikicities (Wikimedia's public wiki host). If that's so, then this wiki may not last very long…because apparently Artisson has declared large sections of the wiki closed to all editors except a select few. That's a violation of Wikicities' open-wiki policy, that all wikis are meant to be free for the public to edit.

( By the way, he really doesn't like it when people call him "Bobby." )