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Also: Arrest record including photo

This guy’s Web site proclaims: “Sollog is one of the most written about people on the Net! Why do so many people write about Sollog?" And the answer is: Because Sollog is one of the most obnoxious and annoying trollers on the paranormal-oriented newsgroups, including alt.paranormal and sci.skeptic. Every time a newsworthy incident of any kind is mentioned on the newsgroups, Sollog pops up and brags about how he “predicted" that event…usually by pointing to some nearly incomprehensible gibberish on his Web site that he apparently posted several months before. His “predictions" are so vague that they can easily be interpreted to mean just about anything at all; furthermore, Sollog has yet to admit to any failures, even when the evidence is waved right in front of his nose. Of course, that’s how “psychic" predictions work. No one has ever accurately predicted a single event using any kind of soothsaying or “psychic" abilities, other than simple common sense. But that doesn’t stop Sollog from getting in everyone’s hair and making a public nuisance of himself. Follow his exploits yourself at this link to the Google Usenet archive.

A friend of mine gave her account of what it was like to meet Sollog in person:

"…I worked in a local book store right out of college and someone claiming to be the TRUE son of God walked in looking for a Latin Bible. I got stuck dealing with the guy because I ran the religion department, so I had to explain that we had every translation BUT Latin and he needed to go talk to the Catholics. He then proceeded to lecture me at great length about how he was on earth to set the record straight. Friends, even with my minor ability to translate a tiny amount of Hebrew and Greek, I could tell this guy was a major moron, which is even worse than a smart lunatic.
"At any rate, he introduced himself as Sollog (he claimed it was anagram of 'logos', meaning 'the word'), plunked down his Manifesto, autographed it for me, and took a Greek Bible instead. He told me to beware of how evil the christians are because they don't follow his word correctly. I took great pleasure in telling him that in no point in my life was I or would I ever be a Christian. This baffled him for some reason, and he simply pointed to the book and left, leaving me to wonder why the TRUE son of God would show up in my store looking like a really short Ted Nugent.
"He called me at the store a few days later to ask what I thought of his Manifesto. I didn't have the heart to tell him I had handed it over to the local district attorney, who was using it as evidence in a federal case against him. It seems the idiot was using the local gossip column as a divination method and had blocked out enough of one particular column to claim that several people had to die, including then president Bill Clinton. Sollog was currently in the middle of a trial, and had been enough of COMPLETE dumbass to throw even more evidence against himself into his manifesto. This time the gossip column showed the judge and a local reporter were next on the 'must perish' list.
"I think they finally got ol' Sollog on a drunk driving charge before that trial was over. He managed to drive several blocks and into a ditch before realizing the officer trying to cite him was still attached to his car. I got this from the reporter he threatened."

And if that's not enough, you should also know about his campaign against Wikipedia. Sollog wrote an egotistical article there about himself and his predictions, and the folks at Wikipedia promptly altered the article to make it more neutral and unbiased. This drove Sollog nuts. He has spent the past few months repeatedly editing, re-editing, and vandalizing that article, as well as making ludicrous threats of legal action against Wikipedia. He even started his own slanderous Web site dedicated to attacking the site, entitled Wikipedia Sucks!.

The Wikipedia entry on Sollog can be found right here.