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Bartholomew's Notes on Religion

In these days of religious hysteria, when "news" organizations like Worldnet Daily and One News Now (formerly Agape Press) are trying to insert paranoid anti-homosexual propaganda in the news, it's nice to see intelligent and thoughtful observations on religion and politics in the media from guys like Richard Bartholomew. He doesn't claim to be a world-class scholar on religion, but his opinionated editorial blog (updated every other day on a regular basis) gives regular hard-hitting commentary on the latest atrocities foisted upon us through the media in the name of religion. He lets us know where his sympathies lie…and they're definitely not in favor of bigoted fools who are determined to save us all from the evils of evolution, abortion, homosexuality, and paganism.

A definite sign that Bartholomew's writings hit home and tick off the right people came in April of 2006, when he was forced to close the public commentary section of his blog. He received a legal threat from a political group called Anglicans for Israel, accusing him of libel for reporting the fact that one of their members was involved in naughty shenanigans back in the 1980s. You know what we say about those who can't take a joke, right?