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With each passing day online, we become more and more convinced of the fact that THEY are watching us. However, for the vast majority of clueless individuals, THEY really don't give a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys about which "subversive" Web sites we visit, which books we read, or what political thoughts we are harboring. However, in spite of this, the Net is becoming more and more crowded with utilities designed to keep track of where you go online. This isn't really so that THEY can control your minds (although that's a part of it)…rather, it's so that they can SELL stuff to you! Corporations, companies, unscrupulous sales sites, and "Bob" knows what else are desperately using every high-tech trick they can think of to get YOU to open your wallet…and the best way they can think of to get you to buy is to know where you are going online. If you use Java when you visit Web sites, then you've already fallen for their trap! Don't believe me? Then give AD-AWARE a try. This is a FREE utility that will search through your system and detect those little sneaky programs that have been placed onto YOUR computer, so that they can secretly notify their masters and let them know where you are online at any given moment. When my wife gave this a try, she found no less than thirty-six (36) snooping programs looking at her system! There's a reason why they call this stuff spyware! Ad-Aware will assist you in getting rid of those little parasites, so that you can go from site to site with at least a little reassurance that your every move isn't being watched.