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Anonymous Remailers

One great disadvantage to the Net is its lack of privacy. If you post a message to Usenet, anyone with a little knowhow can track down your location and determine exactly where you are. In some situations, this drawback can be dangerous. Suppose you want to blow the whistle on an organization that is engaging in illegal activities? Suppose you want to express your feelings to the world about sexual abuse, or harassment by gay-bashers or racists or religious fanatics in your town? The best way to do this is to make your post anonymously. The systems listed on this age will allow you to hide your tracks and send email or post to Usenet anonymously. Anonymous remailers are controversial, and a lot of people want to shut them down. This, of course, is why their existence is so vital to all of us. Several sites on the Web exist to make it easier for you to use the remailers, including Web pages that allow you to send anonymous email from the Web.