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This site is an alternative to an email-redirection service (such as Datapimp). You don't even have to register for an email address here! Pookmail automatically accepts all email sent to it; you just need to know what email address to look for. For instance, if you sign up at a spam-laden Web site with the email address, Pookmail will accept the email to that email address. You then go to Pookmail and enter in the same email address, and you can read the email. All email sent to Pookmail is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Of course, since Pookmail lets everyone read email sent there without passwords, you shouldn't use this site to have anything private or confidential sent to you through there. Anyone can sign into the email address you choose and read the messages sent there. But this site is useful as a "throwaway" account, if you want to sign up at a Web site without giving away your email address.