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If the stories you see on the news are to be believed, then there are untold legions of evil, malicious "hackers" out there who want nothing more than to break into your system and make your life a living hell…for no reason at all. Naturally, the truth is far removed from what those fear-mongering muckrakers want you to believe. Nonetheless, there is indeed a risk of leaving your system open to snooping bots, spammers, and troublemakers – especially if you have a high-bandwidth connection that stays connected to the Net for long periods of time. Spammers, in particular, love to find these open ports, latch onto them, and use them to spew their garbage onto the Net by the thousands. With the increasing use of cable modems, DSL connections, and other high-speed connections by people who are not security conscious, the plague of spammers and rogue intruders isn't likely to abate at any time soon. That's why it's a good idea for you to protect your system with software like Zone Alarm. This is a free software package that erects a firewall to prevent unauthorized intrusions from outside sources. Great security, at a price that can't be beat! Get it!

Seems you just cannot connect your machine to the 'net these days without some pink trying to ass-rape it. Wear this digital condom to protect yourself.