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30 Minute Cast Iron Fried Chicken

30 minute fried chicken.jpg

Who doesn't love fried chicken? When done right, chicken fried in cast iron is an American dish right up with apple pie among our most-loved foods. However, it does take time to properly prepare fried chicken, including a soak in buttermilk ranging from two hours to a full day. It also requires a lot of flour and especially a lot of cooking oil to fry chicken, ranging from at least a quart of oil to as much as four quarts or more, depending on the type of vessel being used for frying chicken.

However, if you're like me, you sometimes come home from work tired and hungry – and you're craving chicken. Because of this, here's a method for frying chicken that cuts some corners, especially when it comes to preparing the out crust of the chicken. Nonetheless, this is a recipe for fried chicken in which the chicken is taken out of the package, the coating prepared, and the chicken fried on the stovetop to perfection – all within the space of thirty minutes. It also uses only about a cup of oil or less. This is far less than the necessary one to four quarts of oil used for frying chicken.

Pans needed: One small bowl for preparing a spice rub for the chicken. A tray for coating the chicken with rub. One large cast iron skillet, 10 inches in diameter or preferably larger, for frying chicken. Tongs for handling the chicken. And a probe thermometer for measuring the temperature of the chicken. A rack, or paper towels, to drain the chicken after frying.


Place a large cast iron skillet, and heat it at medium heat for at least ten minutes. During this time, prepare the spice rub and coat the chicken.

In a small bowl, prepare chicken coating: mix 1 tablespoon corn starch with your choice of spices. Listed here is a basic set of spices for chicken, namely salt, pepper, garlic powder and smoked paprika.

Place chicken pieces onto a tray, and coat all sides of the chicken with the spice rub.

Add 1 cup of oil to the hot cast iron pan. Wait about one minute for the oil to become hot enough for frying.

Using tongs, place chicken into the hot oil, skin side down. Wait about two minutes, then flip the chicken over and fry the other side. Keep flipping the chicken about every two minutes, to ensure both sides of the chicken get a crust. Use a probe thermometer to check the internal temperature of the chicken as it cooks. When the internal temperature of the chicken passes 170 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the chicken pieces from the pan and place them onto a rack, or a tray lined with paper towels, to cool and drain the extra oil. Once the chicken has rested for five minutes, it's ready to serve.