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Popess Lilith's Awesome Sauce

A simple recipe from Popess Lilith von Fraumench:

"It's just a basic marinara reduction sauce. But I make it seat-of-the-pants every time. No measurements beyond number of cans used. Each batch is slightly different."

"I hand-crush the tomatoes and let the liquid simmer while I roast the tomatoes with mirepoix with olive oil drizzled on as necessary to keep the veggies moist. Then I re-integrate and simmer like hell. I usually put in anywhere from a half-cup to 1.5 cups of red wine.

"Anyhow, if the veggies in mine don't break up into bits of sauce in their own right, after a few hours' simmering, you can always take a stick blender to it. But usually you don't have to go that far."