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Jo The Waiter

This is one of those songs that tends to be a fan favorite; i.e. if you're already into Gary Numan, you're going to think "Why is this on there? That's not obscure at all!", but if you're not, you probably haven't heard of it. For some reason, despite being straight, I tend to like songs that add a gay subtext to things, like "When My Boy Walks Down The Street" by The Magnetic Fields (though, I'm not sure if that counts as "subtext", what with Stephin Merritt actually being gay and all). Oddly enough, this song is somewhat autobiographical, although in the original incident, it was Gary Numan's girlfriend at the time, and he just swapped her gender for the song. Still, though, it's not what you'd necessarily expect, since most pop songs are about heterosexual relationships regardless of the sexuality of the singer. Since I've already gone far into Diversion Land, I've often thought that it'd be really cool to do an album of songs where the songs were all about heterosexual relationships, but the conceit would be that the album was a pop album from another world where the standard was homosexuality (sort of like The Residents' Mole Trilogy, especially The Big Bubble), so all the songs would have that sort of vaguely shocking (or at least a sense of "Hey, wait, did he just say…?") sound. Basically just showing that getting bent out of shape w/r/t homosexual love versus heterosexual love is really, really stupid. (I also always wanted to do an album about how racism was bad! I just think, you know, if it weren't for pop albums, people'd never realize this stuff…)