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Laura Cantrell

Laura Cantrell is known for many things – having a radio show on WFMU, doing the vocals on "The Guitar" by They Might Be Giants, and putting out a couple of the best country records of the past 5 years. She's even played the Grand Ole Opry and opened for Elvis Costello! Anyway – her stuff is much closer to older country (back when, you know, it was good) – in places she reminds me a little of Patsy Cline, even.

Her first recording, an EP for the Hello CD Of The Month Club, has a definite old-style production to it; if she wanted to, she could have claimed it was an old, rare country record she unearthed while looking for stuff for her radio show. (Though, perhaps, her cover of "Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine" might have tipped her hand!)

Her next two albums have been much slicker and fuller sounding, production-wise, but still definitely in that old country sound. I love them to death. Not The Trembling Kind is such an excellent album, and When The Roses Bloom Again isn't too shabby either, although not quite as good. On the first album, she had almost a bit of a scared tenor to her voice; on the second one, she sounds more confident. She's got a new record coming out this summer – I can't wait for it. She's magnificent.