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The Ditty Bops

Their self-titled debut was the best record to come out last year and their live show is even better. Be sure to check out their website, too – lots of cool artwork and the video for "Wishful Thinking" is exquisite. I actually consider them one of my favorite bands, which is remarkable, considering they only have the one record out now. (But apparently, they'll have a second one coming out in the Spring.)

I saw them when they opened for The Dresden Dolls although I'd heard the record a few days before that show, and I was floored. I kept telling everyone I knew that they had to buy this album, but people wouldn't believe me and didn't want to buy an album blind. But then I made some friends go to a show with me and they then knew that I was RIGHT. So, yeah – save yourself the embarrassment, really, and check them the hell out. Because they are wonderful.

The Ditty Bops are taper-friendly, and they've got a bunch of shows on; I've only downloaded the ones available in MP3 (there are more in FLAC for those who can handle those) – I really recommend the Cafe Du Nord show (great sound quality, AND it has "Angel With An Attitude" which is just a magnificent song), The Music Mill show, and The Independent show.