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The Ditty Bops (CD)

I adore this record and tell everyone to pick it up; they usually hold off, but last weekend, I made a couple of friends of mine see The Ditty Bops, and they bought the record as soon as the show was over. The record is a little different than the live show – a different backing band, and the album is a little more on the country side, where the live show is much more cabaret, but it's an exquisite record. I do prefer the live show, though – they really get into it, with props and costumes. They're apparently working on a new record, to come out next spring, and I guarantee I'll buy it the day it comes out. In the meantime, though, The Ditty Bops are a taper-friendly band, and they've got a bunch of shows on; I've only downloaded the six available in MP3 (there are more in FLAC for those who can handle those) – I really recommend the Cafe Du Nord show (great sound quality, AND it has "Angel With An Attitude" which is just a magnificent song), The Music Mill show, and The Independent show.

This record was produced by Mitchell Froom.