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Computer World

Kraftwerk's 1982 album about computers appearing in everyday life. One of their decent sized hits, actually. It's got "Pocket Calculator" ("Dentaku" in Japan) on it, as well as "Computer Love" (which hacks Coldplay just copped for their new single; ooh, I saw an article about that where the lead Coldplay guy says that he loves Kraftwerk and that they were "The Original Gorillaz" – Gorillaz are awesome, too, sure, but what the fuck does that even mean? Gorillaz have very, very little in common with Kraftwerk, at least in my eyes. Or ears. Or whatever. But still.). This also has the song "It's More Fun To Compute", which is a play on the slogan of a Pinball manufacturer (Bally, I think), "It's More Fun To Compete". I always got a kick out of that.

This also seems to be a popular record sleeve, as I've seen a few other bands do cover-art tributes to it. Like Komeda. It's a cool sleeve, though, and Komeda's actually a pretty cool band, too, so I'm more cool with it than I am Coldplay. Because, well, they're not very good. Sorry.