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This is a difficult comic to describe; however, "epic", "involved", and "beset" come to mind.

Started in 1999, Alfheim (formerly Elf Life) revolves around the doomed attempts of an elf named Baughb (pronounced just like "Bob" ), long adrift in time and space, who has found his way back to his home world and just wants to settle down and reclaim his elfiness.

The fact that his home world is doomed to fall apart within his somewhat shortened lifetime throws a spanner in those plans.

Thus Baughb has to sell the unprepared elves on their salvation - not to mention the goblins, remaining fairies, trolls and so forth - while fending off enemies both old and new (including his younger Con-possessed self, driven mad by the Pinkness of 20th century Earth!)

Carson's art style is extremely good and distinctive, whether he uses line art, ink wash, computer colour or text. However, his choice varies wildly over time due to the Conspiracy messing with his finances, health, and equipment. Most notorious was the near-eviction of 2003; evidently the antics of Baughb highlight something They don't want you to know.

_As of April 2008, Carson has resumed sporadic updates when possible. Give him money Or Kill Me. - Cardboard Box_

(Incidentally, I alleged a Baughb-"Bob" link some time back on the Elf Life forum; Carson merely "coughed" and shifted a pipe out of sight. As a result, I must insist that you blow all your credit card limit on this nice fellow. I'd do it, but I need to get some moolah into my card first.)

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