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American Elf

James Kochalka is a god. He, along with Dan Clowes, is one of my favorite cartoonists ever, and for the past five years, he's been keeping a daily diary in comic strip form; he's been putting them out in magazine compilations, but a couple years ago, he started putting them online as well. This is a subscription site, but the most recent is always free. And, besides, it's so incredibly worth the two bucks a month for something this profound about what it is to be human. James Kochalka is amazing. (Also check out his books Kissers and Fantastic Butterflies, as well as the recently released massive collection of the Diary Strips, American Elf. And, hey, check out his music, too – he just put out a best-of on Rykodisc that comes with a free DVD. His music is just really, really fun.)