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Bob The Angry Flower

A comic strip that runs in a Canadian Free Weekly; it's another one that's typically based on what the creator wants to write about at the time – there's very little continuity between strips, but the basic idea is that Bob, the titular Flower, lives with a smart/sarcastic tree stump, and a naive floating fetus named Freddie. That is, when the strips are about Bob at home, in the present day. Bob does tend to travel through time/the world when it suits the strip (he's not really a time-traveller or anything, Bob just pops up where he's needed, which is mainly when Stephen Notley has an idea for a joke). I've got the four books, too. I dig this one, and, well, I find it hard to hate someone who has the same frustration I do when it comes to misuse of the apo'strophe.

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