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Clone Manga

A comic collection site; there's one longform serious one I haven't got in to (though I did discover the site near the end of same – but they've got a new long-form-serious one coming, so I'll be definitely giving that a shot). I've been enjoying Nana's Everyday Life, based on an anime (Elfenlied) I've never seen, nor was able to make a whole lot of sense out of from reading about. Also amusing is April and May about a couple of college students, and Tomoyo42's Room, which seems to be a riff on Card Captor Sakura, I guess, but it's not necessarily really clear, aside from the occasional character from that showing up. All of these are SO not work-safe; lots of sexuality and violence – some stuff that even creeps me out. They're not the best comics in the world, but they're amusing enough, and a decent way to kill time.