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E Motel

''E Motel'' is an otherwise unimportant motel somewhere southeast of Auckland, New Zealand, and only interesting in that Greg Freeman, the second-best known alien-human hybrid after Khristo and his cult, purchased it. Greg wants to take control of his own life. As the Tui ads say, "Yeah, Right."

Cardboard Box's artwork undergoes an almost painful transition from awkward, uncomprehending imitation of "the masters" (i.e. Elf Life's Carson Fire and Unicorn Jelly's Jennifer Diane Reitz) to something resembling a personal vision. By 2003, something is going on. Why are there hybrids at all? How did Tryslmaistanians get rescued without a 100% fatality rate? And just how does an exploding washing machine correlate with an abused wife's adopting juvenile aliens?

Well, Cardboard Box himself doesn't know, and won't until he figures out where the plot's going. He started this in typical half-assed fashion in 2002 and its fallen away since then. If there was no Con, we'd know by now. Oh well.