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Sexy Losers

About half of the strips of this Web comic star pathetic losers who wouldn't give up wanking if a naked [other gender] stood right in front of them and said "fuck me." And a good amount of the rest of the strips there are obscene, disgusting filth that wallows in every perverted taboo you can think of. Incest, scatalogical crap, necrophilia…I'd report the authors of this strip to the authorities if I wasn't laughing so hard. If only Seinfeld was this funny! Everyone in this strip is a pathetic loser, but they aren't neurotic or wallowing in guilt over their deviations. In other words, this comic is all about US!

Trivia note: reportedly, this comic was the origin of the term "fap" as used on the Internet. If you don't know what "fap" means, you'll find out soon enough.