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It's several types of strip in one; there's the story strips, short gag strips, the occasional one-panel strip, character-based humor, surreal gags, one-offs, etc. And I really dig the artwork, mostly done in MS Paint (though there are a few that were drawn traditionally and then scanned in), and are pixelly. The writing also basically seems to be more-or-less exactly my sense of humor.

One of my favorite things about the strip, at least from a political-philosophical-type-standpoint, is that one of the characters, Katrina, is a heavier woman who's both sexual but not a punchline. I'm pretty drawn to Size Issues and whatnot, having been fat for almost my whole life, and, well, I've always hated it when "Ha ha! The fat person thinks they're attractive!" is a punchline; in Shinpad, she actually is attractive, and no one thinks anything OF it. Which is really, really cool and needs to happen way more often, if you ask me.

Anyway, though, there aren't a whole lot of strips, unfortunately (only 136 proper strips, plus a bunch of bonus type ones, over 4 years), but start at the beginning and page through; it's a pretty quick read, and it's really funny.

(And if you get hooked like me, a while ago, Alex Camelio mentioned that he might be moving into print comics, although I don't know if that's still the plan; with any luck, though, he'll keep doing comics, because I really dig his stuff.)