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Sore Thumbs:

I love Superosity; the art is enough to turn people off, since it really is a very ugly strip, but I think it's intentionally so (sorta like Duckman), but the writing is so spot on. There's lots of playing with humor in it – lots of stuff where the "punchline" comes in panel 2 or 3, and the remaining panels build on it and take it to another level. Chris Crosby might not be the best artist in the world, but he knows exactly what he's doing. I read this strip every day – and most of all, he's been doing it for seven years and never missed a strip. No vacations, no guest strips, no nothing.

Chris Crosby also has the "political" strip Sore Thumbs drawn by Owen Gieni (so it's much prettier). It's officially a political strip, but it's actually more of a parody of various webcomic tropes – not-terribly-well-thought-out-political-stances, caricatures, loads of videogame and TV references (though, part of the TV references comes from the fact that, like me, Chris is a hardcore TV addict, and makes references to shows that I'm pretty sure he and I were the only two people to actually remember), a faux-manga style, and a heroine with cartoonishly large breasts (wrestled with this one a few times, though – does it still count as exploitation when you're advertising your strip based on the impossible boob-size of your main character, even though her impossible boob-size is a drawn-out parody of strips who give all their female characters impossible boob-sizes out of a sense of "fan-service" or whatever? Is it eating your cake and having it too, or is it just a necessary part of the parody?). I admit that I'm not as into Sore Thumbs as I am Superosity, but I still do read Sore Thumbs whenever it's posted.

Also, Chris' brother Bobby has his own strip as well, Pupkin. It's a peculiar brand of quality. I dig it, but a lot of people loathe it. Bobby tends to keep abandoning and coming back to the character; he's done two or three different Pupkin strips, worked on a TV/Film script, a children's book, and probably some other stuff. Pupkin is half puppy, half pumpkin, and all love.