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Unicorn Jelly

The invention of Jennifer Diane Reitz, Unicorn Jelly started out as just another cutesy RPG-influenced strip, but then mutated into something completely different, more complex, and far more engrossing.

At one level, the story of Unicorn Jelly can be seen as a fable depicting the salvation of the universe as lying in the hands of the weirdoes, freaks, and mutants - in this case, the failed witch Lupiko, the eponymous mutated Slime (smitten by the pEe of JHVH-1?), the half-crystal basilisk Chou, along with Millian Redcloak and his husband.

Six hundred thousand years ago, humans were transported to the universe of Tryslmaistan, and promptly began screwing things up. The end result, three hundred thousand years later, was an ever-explanding Storm, capable of destroying entire worldplates. A pitiful remnant of humanity has spent the millennia since then in an ultimately futile cycle of colonising a worldplate, building up the population enough to build the next generation of escape vessels in order to repeat the cycle 1500 years later.

The comic depicts the events leading up to the salvation of all life (both native and not) in the universe.

The problem of providing much-needed background information about the peculiarities of Tryslmaistan lifeforms and living are dealt with by several methods: the extremely active forums; "alternate universe" strips, and copious notes in the backs of the books.

The Unicorn Jelly Books

After the umpteenth query about whether Jennifer was going to prep the strips for print, I finally ran off a quick and dirty sample strip to show how animated strips could be translated to paper.

I subsequently spent the summer of Nov '02-Feb '03 preparing the rough draft of the main story and got my complementary copy in August.

There are two books, split at the "Fall of Myrmil" strip, totalling about 400 pages, with fully 100 pages of extras, notes, explanatory Q&A, and rules for Taasen. Ordering can be done online.

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