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Maybe number 2 on that shortlist of comics I absolutely adore after Achewood? Wigu changes a bit, but it's typically about a family named the Tinkles and their little boy, Wigu. He's a really smart, imaginative little kid who tends to get in trouble way too often, usually goaded by his quasi-imaginary friends/guardian angels, Topato and Sherriff Pony, from his favorite TV Show Magical Adventures In Space. They're not very good friends/guardian angels, as while Sherriff Pony is a good voice of reason, he's usually shouted down by the egotistical Topato, who is exclusively interested in his own self-interests and doesn't care about the costs to others; as such, Wigu typically finds himself in a pickle. Of course, his parents are loving but not terribly responsible, but that's OK. This is another with really great writing, sometimes to the point of being profoundly beautiful. Overcompensating is the diary comic of Jeffrey Rowland, although he takes, um, great liberties with the form, if you understand what I am meaning here.

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