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You Damn Kid
(Norman P. Function: )

There are sometimes a few different comics at the website to read, but You Damn Kid is probably the best, and currently the only easily-accessible one (I kind of enjoy The Adventures of Norman P. Function as well, but it's kind of similar to Red Meat, which does that kind of thing better, honestly). There's a couple different versions; there's a handful of You Darn Kid strips which, well, weren't very good, quite frankly – way too "Newspaper Comic"-y, however the classic style of You Damn Kid is really pretty good, and gets that sort of bittersweet nostalgia of growing up in the 1960s. Sometimes it can get a little mean-spirited (I didn't like the conclusion to the recent storyline about the impending wedding of one of the characters to a circus midget), but usually it strikes the proper tone.