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Forbidden Zone

(c) 1982
Directed by: Richard Elfman

What can be said about a film featuring HervĂ© Villechaize as a sex crazed monarch. This flick has it all… Gratuitious Tits, Blackface, obscure 1930's swing tunes, and Danny Elfman as Satan himself!

Take a trip like no other.. Just think Alice in Wonderland as told by the Three Stooges smoking some of Cab Calloway's blunt and you have one helluva Badfilm.

A secret door to the Sixth Dimension lies in the house once owned by a pimp and made a home by the Hercules family. Susan B. "Frenchy" Hercules hates her school, hates her life and decides to enter the door to the Forbidden Zone. The King of the Sixth Dimension takes a fancy to her, enraging the Queen who will stop at nothing to get rid of her. Flash Hercules (along with his grandfather and champion wrestler Grandpa Hercules) take the plunge into the very bowels of the Sixth dimesion to save her. Lots of singing and general lunacy ensues in this GLORIOUS TURD of a movie.